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Manuela, A. 

After going to two different tattoo shops and talked over the phone with two other places I was starting to get frustrated as to where I would get my tattoo. After waiting for over an hour at a tattoo shop only for them to tell me that my tattoo would look ugly i felt angry and sad but then walked by deep roots and knew this was the place. Everyone that works there is friendly and really nice and actually care about your comfort and what you want to get, after all tattoos are permanent. But Jen was amazing i love her and I will go back to get my second tattoo whenever I know what it is I want. Let me just say I am not good with pain or needles. But she was very understanding and made sure I was totally ready before she started. I love my tattoo and can't wait till it heals completely :) If you are thinking of getting a tattoo or even a piercing here, DO IT. you won't regret it. So far everyone is awesome. Whether it's the guy making the appointments to the actual tattoo artist i am sure you will leave here more than satisfied!



Janie N.

I came here today to get my ears pierced based on the reviews I read on Yelp.  I'm a middle aged woman with no tattoos and no piercings (not even my ears!) so I was concerned about feeling comfortable in a Tattoo shop.  Yet I didn't want some teenager in a mall with a piercing gun doing it either, so... here is where I ended up. These guys were great.  They didn't make me feel dumb for just wanting a regular boring ear piercing, they explained the different sized holes I could choose from (what??? who knew!?), and what jewelry I could put in those holes while they healed.  Once all those decisions were made it was time for the scary part.   You know, the guns in the mall are so fast that you don't have time to even think about it, Frankie isn't fast, he makes sure it's right and then uses a needle.  I got 4 holes put in (2 in each ear.)  Frankie was awesome about it, even when I had a vasovagal response (basically getting faint for no apparent reason.)  He didn't make me feel bad just let me lie down until I felt better then we continued on our way.   The pain wasn't very bad, it wasn't scary at all, Frankie was super nice and very patient.  I'm happy with my new head full of holes and if I ever get super brave or go through some kind of mid-life crisis where I need a tattoo or more holes in my body I'd certainly return to Deep Roots.  :)



Devin S.

My experience at Deep Roots on the Ave was amazing. I arrived for a walk-in appointment, and met Ben, who would be my artist. He seemed genuinely stoked to give me my particular Black Flag tattoo, and drew it up exactly as I wanted it, though I brought no references.   This was literally the best tattoo experience I've ever had. Ben and the front desk guy were both very polite, totally chill dudes. They provided great customer service, and Ben had the best playlist going out of any artist I've sat with previously. Old-school hardcore and punk rock. I've also met one of the owners a couple times, and she is always sweet and positive. Overall, I'd say this is a good tattoo and piercing (amazing selection of jewelry, btw) family to visit to ruin your skin forever!  Go to Deep Roots!



Raychelle D. 

I was really impressed by how welcoming and helpful the staff was. As soon as my friend and I went in, we were greeted by Johnnie, who knew a great deal about piercings and gave us all the information we needed. He was incredibly friendly and enthusiastic about working there - you could tell he had a true passion for piercings! The piercer, Anthony, was really great as well. He was friendly and made you feel really comfortable about the whole process! He also laid out and told you everything about what he was going to do, which me and my friend were really impressed with as well. He did a super clean job and had a great sense of humor. Thanks again, Anthony! We'll see you again for sure! All in all, great place, awesome selection of jewelry, beautiful artwork adorning the walls, and friendly and knowledgeable staff - what more could ask for? (:



Sonya G.

Deep Roots really is as good as it gets. I have been here a handful of times for piercings for myself and friends, and always had a top notch experience. The staff alone are worthy of the 5 stars: they are knowledgeable, impeccably clean, and have great "bedside manners" (read: even if my yuppie friend is freaking out about having her earlobes pierced, they are professional, nonjudgmental, and great at calming nerves -- side note! she didn't even feel it!). It's fun to flip through look-books of the artists' previous work (very impressive stuff!), and I always leave feeling well educated about aftercare. They also have a very wide selection of studs and other fittings to choose from, so even if you don't necessarily fit their expected demographic, you can find something you like.


Peggy B.
OK, I am a fiftysomething woman getting a nose piercing.  I felt kind of dumb walking in, but I was made to feel very welcome.  It's huge, well stocked and very clean.  I was greeted warmly and helped immediately. Justin explained completely that was going to happen and executed it perfectly.  It was a breeze and I feel that's because of the staff.  Great job!  I will and have recommend Deep Roots to anyone who wants a little body matter what age you are!


Micha S.
I heart Deep Roots! Every time I've been in they are all super helpful and nice. I've gotten pierced there twice by two different guys, and they were both really nice and made me very comfortable. I love the jewelry too, it's definitely the best I've seen anywhere around town. I don't have any tattoos yet but my boyfriend started getting tattooed there this year and his work his amazing!! People stop us all the time to ask where he's getting his sleeve done and we happily tell everyone to Go To Deep Roots!!


Alyssa J.
Frankie Fingers is absolutely great! Definitely one of the best piercers I have had the pleasure to encounter out of the dozen plus I have met: extremely professional, very thorough and attentive to individual needs, and able to keep a very relaxed and even humorous atmosphere. I came in without an appointment after stumbling upon this location and was accommodated graciously and with great attention to the problem that another piercer had caused at another shop. Frankie was able to stretch the piercings back to the original size without any problems and totally made my day! He was very, very clean (changing gloves frequently) and meticulous during the entire procedure, which was very reassuring.

The shop in general is impeccably clean (as I have come to expect from both Deep Roots from my visits to this shop as well as the one in Seattle) and the equipment seemed to be top of the line. Beautiful selection of jewelry and everything was priced quite reasonably. Overall, I highly recommend Frankie and this shop.

Amie G.
I went to Deep Roots yesterday to ask some questions and hopefully solve an already existing piercing problem I was having. Jimbo at the desk was very friendly and helpful and referred to the piercer Zach. I was blown away by the knowledge that Zach had about the human body and the way that it heals. I work in an ICU so going into a piercing shop where the piercer really understands how the body reacts and heals with piercings was above and beyond my expectations! Zach was incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable and more educated about my piercing! I have been getting pierced for over 10 years now and have never had such a positive experience nor felt as comfortable as I did with the staff at Deep Roots yesterday! Way to go guys! You are really creating a positive place for new piercees and veterans alike!


Brittany D.
I was a little nervous about getting something done in a mall, but I saw good reviews, and the shop looked very open and clean.

I walked in to get a septum piercing, and all of the staff were very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The piercer was out to lunch, but I was able to do my paperwork and come back. Zack, the piercer, was quite personable and made me feel comfortable (he also has a good taste in music imo). The experience was quick, easy, and relatively painless.

I also like that they enforce good practices, such as giving out sea salt and not carrying externally threaded jewelry. They had a variety of jewelry that caught my eye! All of my worried preconceptions were quickly put to rest.

So far it's healing well! I definitely recommend them if you don't want to trek to Seattle.

Dionne N.
I took my 20yr old sister in to just talk to someone about concerns she had with her ear piercings that had closed up from when she was 8yrs old. She is deathly afraid of needles and has not gotten her ears re-pierced because of it.  She had some scar tissue that she thought may prevent her from getting them re-pierced.  We went in to talk to the staff and EVERYONE was incredibly professional and friendly.  The owner came over and took really good care of her.  He catered to her fear of needles and established a relationship with her that made her more comfortable.  It ends up her piercings weren't completely closed and Rion did an "earlobe stretch" that did the trick!  I have worked 15yrs in customer service and this place knows what they're doing.  They treat everyone that comes thru the door like a valuable client and it's obvious they strive for excellence.  Very impressive!  If I ever do any kind of piercing or tattoo I know I will return to Deep Roots!


Irene M.
I went in to Deep Roots today to get my frontal helix pierced (the front part of the earlobe). Not only did Jason do a beautifully immaculate job on my ear but both him and the girl at the reception (whose name I'm afraid I did not catch) were so friendly that I found myself lingering even after the piercing and paperwork were all done. They were utterly fantastic. The atmosphere there was very welcoming. They also run a really tight ship on keeping everything sanitary which I really appreciated and they gave me all the information/sea salt/gauze I need to keep my piercing healthy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Curtis S.
Benjamin Bowlin has done almost all my work, and he is fucking awesome! If you want something completely original, bright, and colorful bring yourself down to see him... you will not regret it!

Ashlyn T.
I just recently (As in of in the last 24 hours) went to Deep Roots in the Kittsap Mall! I was walking around with my mother on my birthday going on a shopping spree. So, I spoke up one of my many birthday wishes which was to get a Monroe peircing on the right side of my upper lip. On the way into the mall we had gone by a tattoo shop and it looked pretty welcoming. On the way out I encouraged my mom to take me inside. The place had a pretty nice setup compared to all the other tattoo shops. The first person I was welcome by was Zack, who would be peircing me. He laid out all the information about the peircing and the care of it before we started and he reminded me atleast eighty times that the Monroe bar would be long because of inflamation. He was great, the whole place was friendly! They don't rush you out of there at all and they take their time with you.

I will be deffinetly going back to Deep Roots. Awesome awesome people, Awesome peircer, Thank you Zack and the rest of Deep Roots for everything! I love my Monroe! :)


Jessica P.
I have visited this specific location multiple times for piercings and tattoos for myself and friends. The staff is very friendly and outgoing, Michelle is great to sit and chat with, Adam is hilarious and has a great knowledge of anime and amazing drawing skills for tattoos. I have had work done by Oz and he is very gentle in his approach but has an amazing knack for making your body look like a masterpiece, he's also a great candidate to go to if you're looking for a more mellow tattoo artist but one who is clearly very knowledgeable.

This next comment is specifically for Anthony whom I received my nose piercing from, though I have had this done before and needed it re-pierced he was gentle and easy go though very knowledgeable. He was kind enough to even let me know what he was going to do ahead of time and what all the steps were without me even asking.

The entire staff and environment of this tattoo and piercing shop is amazing. The manager clearly knows who he is hiring and what to look for. I would highly recommend this establishment for your first tattoo or piercing, I previously have attended other businesses and have been let down. These guys are clean and efficient without stealing all your cash out of your pocket.


Emily T.
awesome job! jason middleton was my tattoo artist, and he did a great job. the only time i could schedule was at night, but he was very accommodating, and easy-going and my new ink looks FABULOUS. i have also been pierced here they gave me recommendations on how to save money and they were more than helpful and professional.


Mallory P.
I have been to other shops over the years and I have never had a great experience like I did today. Tony was amazing! He honestly made me feel comfortable and was as excited about my tattoo as I was. I was happy that he noticed things right as I noticed them and I didn't have to say anything because he was already on it. I will be going back most likely next month for my next one and my girlfriend was so impressed she will be going to him for her first tattoo ever. I wish I could add a photo so you could see the awesome Tree of Life he did on my arm for me.

Amy F.
This place is top-notch. Not only are they super welcoming from the moment you enter, the shop is super CLEAN, the artists are very talented and they have a ton of gorgeous jewelry to choose from! They are always happy to answer my questions and very informative and I would, without hesitation, recommend them to all of my friends.


Tessa A.
I absolutely love this place! Great atmosphere and great artists. It is relaxing as soon as you walk in and you are greeted by friendly people. I have gotten two tattoos by Bonnie, both of which are amazing. I also got my nose pierced by Justin. He is great and made the whole process easy so I was relaxed the whole time. I will be going back for more tattoos. Thank you guys!

Angie B.
absolutely in love with the piercer with a big beard and a bald head. he pierced my friend's nose and did it very, very professionally as well as being comforting and kind during the process. he really helped ease her anxiety about the new piercing. he's funny, cute, and awesome. when her nose piercing wire thing was coming out, we went down to the ave at about ten o'clock, and he dropped his bags (he was heading out the door) and helped her out with a smile. what a guy. we love him.


Patrick M.
I got my first tattoo here. I was nervous, but this place has a totally chill atmosphere and the guy who inked me, Tony, was very easy-going. I had this design for a few years and Tony did a really good job with it on my arm, better than I expected. I was hesitant to do this, but I am very happy that I did. I want a couple more tattoos in the future and I am definitely coming back here.

Mariah M.
Deep Roots is one of the most professional friendly shops i've ever been to! They have such a wide variety of unique jewelry, as well as many award winning artists that have so much to offer. I got tattooed by Ben Bowlin, and I have never been happier with a tattoo. He has a true talent! Not only did he make me feel comfortable with his friendly personality, but I had a lot of fun watching him tattoo me! He treated me like I was creating the tattoo as well, asking me how I felt about all the color combinations and what would you think if we did this? I HIGHLY recommend this shop, I wouldn't go anywhere else! Let your search end here, and make your appointment with Ben today!

Vega K.
WOW! let me give you a brief history.about a year and a half ago i got some sweet opal cabochons for my microdermals from here (when i lived in Seattle)(now i live in Wisconsin). so the microdermals are gone but i put the cabochons on my snake bites and i also have two opal bullets on my bridge piercing. pretty unique, at least for where im from, most people comment on my pretty stones. but low and behold i had my wisdom teeth taken out and lost one of said cabochon an was distraught, like shit that was my trademark! so at 1230 my time 1030 pacific i call them up yesterday (kinda frantic) and luckily May answered. i shot her questions about them and the availability and if they would ship them. she stayed late talking to me to help figure out if they still carried the same thing. and thanks to the wonderful May (not the month) this horrendous disaster was adverted! and i seriously could not be more pleased with the customer service and the way she went out of her way to help me make sure i could get what i want. i even made this account just to leave the review! and not to mention they have the sickest selection ever....

tiffany d.
I have never had better service at a piercing shop! i have over 10 different piercings and I've been to many piercing shops but now i will only return to this place! Jason pierced my nose and spent a lot of time sterilizing my jewlery using special professional equipment. Sure it takes a little longer waiting, but at least I get a super clean piercing and he knew the perfect placement for my stud. Not to mention they have the best selection of jewlery i have ever seen for piercings, ranging from 25$ up to $300 just for nose rings. While waiting, I talked to May who also made me feel like a valued customer. She even hooked me up with a student discount to make sure I could afford the nose ring I wanted. I love this place!



Brandin C.
I just got a small tattoo done at Deep Roots, by Tony. I'm a big baby when it comes to needles, but Tony did an amazing job! The place is extremely clean and professional and definitely worth it! I came in with a handwriting sample from Denmark in the 18th century and asked if he could do it. It looks beautiful, simple and elegant, and just like the Danish writing.


Chyvonna T.
This is a GREAT establishment to have a little body-mod done.  I've had a few piercings done here by Rion (nipples, nostril, and a couple of dermals) at the U-Dist. location and I have a small tattoo on my left wrist done by Jerry W while Deep Roots was at the Lilac City Tattoo Expo (2009).  The shop is LOADED with beautiful jewelry (and will even special order if you don't see what you want) and the staff is insanely kind and easy to talk to unlike many other tattoo/piercing shops.  The piercing and tattoo rooms (all are done in private rooms away from the eyes of other patrons) are spotless, the staff is very well trained in their art (piercing, tattoo, scarification) and are very professional. When looking to get body-mod done, this place is very worth going to.


Brittany L.
I don't have any tattoos, and before Saturday I had only had one piercing in each ear.  Most of us who who don't have ink and holes get the cold shoulder when walking into places like this, at least that has been my experience in the past, but not here. 

The girl running the front of the shop (I think her name was Michelle) was extremely outgoing and friendly from the minute we approached and even provided a few laughs before and after Stephanie C. got our piercings.  (I got helix aka cartilage and she got second lobe holes)

Frankie Fingers is pretty cool and probably has the best voice someone could have who is about to inflict pain on you (okay, it's not that much pain, but I'm a baby!) although he is very soft spoken so I had to listen very carefully to his instructions.

I was impressed by how nice and clean and sanitary the shop was, how friendly and non-pretentious the artists were and the good job Frankie did.  I love my helix piercing and I'll most likely be returning for another one or even my very first tattoo.

Deep Roots in Lynnwood, you are a class act.

Jessica M.
I recently went in here for my new tattoo, a hummingbird with a morning glory on my left calf.  The staff was great! and my tattoo turned out amazing! The gentleman that tattooed me was extremely friendly  and he managed to entertain both me and my daughter to keep the focus off of the pain of the needle. There wasn't very much pain involved anyways, but I was awfully glad to be having a conversation instead of staring at the wall for 2 hours. He kept my daughter laughing and by the end of the appointment she was convinced that she was going to become an artist when she got older and immediately came home to design her own tattoos that she wanted when she was older.I've also purchased a two new nose ring's from them, the first was a beautiful flower with a pink stone in the center and the second is a larger flower with diamonds. Both are of excellent quality and the guarantee their jewelry.