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Tattoo Information

At Deep Roots we are committed to providing the very best tattoo experience for our clients from start to finish. All of the tattoo artists at Deep Roots are fully custom artists, which mean that they work with the each individual to optimize each unique tattoo. This can mean bringing multiple abstract ideas together, tying together different reference material or existing work to make a cohesive and beautiful design, or advising how to turn a rough concept into body art that you will love for a lifetime. While the experience of getting tattooed varies from person to person, there are some commonalities you can expect. The tattoo artists at Deep Roots are committed to exceptional art as well as the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We provide the highest levels of safety and sterility, using all hospital sterilization procedures including dedicated ultrasonics and autoclaves, as well as up to date Blood Borne Pathogens training and certification.

The Tattoo Process
Generally we start with a consultation to match you up with the artist that fits your desired style. These complimentary sessions give you an opportunity to plan your piece with your artist, talk discuss exact details, sizing, placement and pricing. Afterwards, you put down a deposit which then is credited back to you at your final session. You set a time for your appointment and your artist begins drawing your piece. Your artist will explain the aftercare process thoroughly during your appointment and you will be given written instructions to take home as well. Our goal is for you to love your body art forever, and we are committed to helping you understand how to care for your tattoos so that they stay healthy and awesome.