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The piercing team at Deep Roots offers the most experience and expertise in Washington State, with ongoing progressive learning through the Association of Professional Piercers and advanced training programs. What this means for our clients is that each person receives the most gentle, sterile, safe and precise piercing possible. Each piercer is dedicated to offering the best client experience throughout the piercing process, from jewelry selection to bedside manner to aftercare. We enjoy discussing all of the different options for piercings and jewelry with our clients, and helping to determine the best choices for long term success in each unique situation. All of our jewelry is the absolute highest quality and carries a lifetime guarantee. We use Statim Autoclaves, the very best in hospital sterilization, to ensure the highest level of sterilization and safety throughout the piercing process. The aftercare for your piercing is simple and organic to the body, and will be provided for you at no cost. We are committed to ensuring that your relationship with body art is the very best possible, and we are available to answer questions at any time ’s easy. 



Piercing Information